Aaaand, we’re back! Yes the AusVotes group blog is back for the 2019 federal election.

For new readers, this is the third federal election covered by the AusVotes blog. The first edition was in 2013 (and later rebadged as AusOpinion), when there were fewer group blogs covering Australian federal politics.

There were a few teething problems that year, as you could probably expect from an activity that involved a group of opinionated people holding a wide range of views. Some of those writers have moved on, but some stayed on for the next editions of the blog in 2016 and 2019.

Along the way we’ve been joined by new writers, ensuring that the AusVotes blog can provide readers with a diversity of perspectives and voices.

I’m thrilled that the blog this year will feature an unprecedented number of female writers (for us). If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I sent out an invitation for female bloggers, journalism students, and academics to join the blog for the campaign. More than two dozen women responded, and I look forward to sharing their work with you.

As always, this blog aims to provide readers with informative and thought-provoking posts on the federal election campaign. We’ll be passionate and dedicated, but you won’t find partisan rants here.

So please join us in making sense of the madness that is the 2019 federal election. Click the ‘follow this blog’ button in the right hand column to get an email notification every time a new post is published, follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, and join the conversation by sharing posts or leaving comments.