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Our writers


Aisling is a primary school teacher, pop culture enthusiast and generally excited individual from Melbourne, currently based in the will-they-won’t-they hellscape of Brexit era London. While she politically leans left, Aisling tries to maintain a balanced outlook and looks for the good in every situation. When she isn’t educating the young minds of tomorrow, Aisling dreams of writing the Next Great Novel or failing that, a passable novel that has her name on it; and is usually procrastinating the actual work of writing by doing anything else, in particular tweeting from @aislina

Bobbie from Bello

@BobbiePeeler is a roving correspondent between Settlement City and Park Beach Plaza bringing authentic, gritty street knowledge not seen since Trent from Punchbowl. With a bit more notoriety like Latika Bourke’s heavily instagrammed tortoiseshell cat he hopes to swim with Julia Baird, and cook with his twenty year crush Annabel Crabb. On his ideal day he would be found riding a shiny, silvery chromed-steel Silvertail with Tony Wright up the Dorrigo pass or discussing Bowie in remembrance of the late great @Colvinius.

Tess Connery

Tess Connery is the host of 2ser Breakfast in Sydney, because somebody made the grave error of giving her a microphone. She has a keen interest in politics, and far too many subscriptions to true crime podcasts. She tweets at @tessconnery .

Dean Cool

Dean spent the duration of the 45th Parliament searching for a political movement capable of addressing the gulf in trust between voters and the political class. He returns to AusVotes in 2019 sufficiently jaded, wondering what it will take for political debate in Australia to move forward. He writes at and tweets at @realdeancool.

Christine Cunningham

Dr Christine Cunningham is a teaching-research scholar working in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University. She is the academic coordinator of postgraduate studies in Educational Leadership and she supervises a diverse range of PhD students in topics as diverse as school leadership, social justice education, international education and feminist critique. She is the author of the book Corrupted Principles and the challenges of critically reflective leadership(Peter Lang, 2011) and has been published in multiple Australian and international academic journals. She is currently researching educational leadership and gender in China, but her most recent article focused in on her home state research which was “An investigation into school inspection policies in Western Australian state education performed by the Expert Review Group” (Educational Research Policy and Practice, 2019). Dr Christine Cunningham is also the current Deputy Mayor of the City of Canning.

Anne-Marie Elias

Anne-Marie Elias is a speaker and consultant in collaboration, innovation, change and disruption. She is a former senior ministerial adviser and public servant who now advises corporations, government and NGOs on social licence, positive disruption and change. Anne-Marie is the Lab Director of the social impact accelerator and is on the boards of ; ; ; Western Sydney Women; Autism Advisory Board, and the Settlement Services International Foundation. Follow Anne-Marie’s journey of disruption and innovation on Twitter

Rose Iser

Rose Iser is a PhD candidate at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education looking at issues of race and religion in primary school classrooms. She has a Master of Journalism and blogs at and She has been a member and staffer of the Greens and the ALP in the past. She was a local government councillor in Victoria for The Greens (2007-2010). Find her @RoseIser

Jill of all Trades

Jill of all Trades is a pseudonym for a woman once described in a news article as a “city worker”. She lives and works in Sydney CBD, so it was largely accurate. Jill has many thoughts on politics, and especially likes to consider how we can achieve a wider representation of individuals and issues in Australian politics. She tweets as @jilltradesofall.

Hans Lee

Hans Lee is a student broadcaster and journalist, based out of Sydney, Australia. He was most recently a researcher and reporter for The Australian. Before that, he cut his teeth at Bloomberg News as the 2018 Sydney intern and at 2SER Radio as an anchor, producer and reporter. He writes about money, money’s intersection with politics and the typical Gen Z point of view. He’s also a prolific GIF user and diehard Los Angeles Kings ice hockey fan.

Paula Matthewson

Paula Matthewson aka @Drag0nista is a freelance political writer and columnist with The New Daily. In the past she’s been a Liberal staffer, a corporate lobbyist and a communication adviser. You can find all her work at Drag0nista’s Blog.

Caitlin Mary Neate

Caitlin is a 24 year old student completing a bachelor of Communications (Journalism and PR Majors). Caitlin is the co-manager of CoderDojo Sunshine Coast and a regular #AuspolLive podcast presenter/producer. Having recently completed an ABC internship she also does a short weekly entertainment segment on ABC Radio Sunshine Coast. “Others” have described Caitlin as a virtue signalling feminist socialist weaponised leftie, a badge she wears with pride along with her alternative coloured hair that supposedly invalidates her ability to think and comment on politics as an adult. You can find Caitlin online @LacyMartini.


Oecomuse is Ingrid, a casual academic, single mum, feminist and avid follower of Australian politics, based in western Sydney. Her background is in economics, politics, ethics, and law, and her research is mainly in the area of decolonising epistemologies, sovereignty, and Australian land law. This election campaign Ingrid intends to blog about economics and media coverage of economic messaging, with the main focus on the incumbent government record.


Oz is a Sydney-based member of the ALP Left. He works in policy, blogs at Agitate, Educate, Opine and tweets at @redrabbleroz.


pseudomorph is a Melbourne based father, partner and geek and wannabe benevolent dictator. He is a professional policy and politics wonk and PhD candidate in sociology at La Trobe University. His interests include national identities and settler nations, political language and ideology and the federal political system.He blogs (rarely) here and tweets at @pseudomorph.

Mimsy Starr

Mimsy Starr lives in a small town in country Queensland, where the ghost of Joh can be heard down at the local during any pub test. Despite this, she’s definitely left leaning, and not afraid to say it. Passionate about the rights of children, young people, women, families and refugees, Mimsy has previously worked in the education sector as well as with families, children and women’s services. She tweets under the name @mimsystarr.

Bill Street

Bill Street works in education and lives in rural and regional Australia. He blogs at Billablog and tweets from @Billablog.

The Piping Shrike

The author is an analyst who writes the Piping Shrike blog, a perspective on Australian politics.

Preston Towers

Preston Towers is the pseudonym used by a political observer who lives and works in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. He has seen and lived the frustration that is caused by a lack of infrastructure in outer suburban areas and how it clashes with inner city based policy development. He also likes the music of Shostakovich and the GWS Giants.

Jeremy Travers

Jeremy Travers is currently doing his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. Before this, he worked for the Parliament of New South Wales and was a member of the Liberal Party. When he’s not working on assignments, he comments mostly on parliamentary procedure. He tweets at @JeremyTravers.

Marie Trevithick

Marie lives in Victoria, and graduated with her Bachelor of Media & Comms in 2017. Since graduating, she was a member of the 2018 YMCA Youth Press Gallery, and reported on the 2018 Victorian election results live on Channel 31 in Victoria. She will be a producer on an upcoming federal election program, courtesy of ‘The Junction’, which will be broadcast nationwide on community TV and radio. Outside of media, Marie sings in a choir and coaches gymnastics. You can find her on Twitter at @maztrev18.

Deanna Vonic

Deanna is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) at Deakin University.

Damien Walker

Damien lives in Tasmania’s beautiful Tamar Valley. He tweets at @damiencwalker.